Using Volleyball Ankle Braces Will Help Take Your Game To The Next Level

Whether you play volleyball professionally or as an advanced amateur, making use of Volleyball Ankle Braces is a smart idea. Even if you play mostly just for fun but you play a lot, then you too should be using Volleyball Ankle Braces to protect yourself from injury. It is in the nature of the game to do a lot of jumping and landing in awkward positions. It is very beneficial to have extra ankle support for safety.

Some people speak of these supports having a negative affect on the strength of ankles, but that minor weakness can easily be overcome by doing some ankle strengthening exercises. It is much better to need a bit of ankle exercise than to get an injury that will completely take you out of the game until that injury can heal. The “Saint Louis University Athletic Training Education Program” is in total agreement and recommends the use of Volleyball Ankle Braces, particularly for professionals and those training for participation in the Olympics.

Here is some information on the 3 leading ankle braces:

Active Ankle Ankle Brace – T-2

* A U-shape design that provides superior protection by relieving pressure from the ankle

* Freedom of motion provided by its bilateral hinge

* Adjustable for both low and high top shoes

* EVA padding molded for added comfort and better fit

Adizero™ Speedwrap ankle brace

* Weight reducing technology with optimal support

* Anti-slip friction zones

* Use of industry leading fabrics specially designed to remove moisture and heat from feet

* Protection against heal roll with lateral spare

* More effective than just using athletic tape

* Use of Anti-microbials

Mizuno DXS2 Ankle Brace

* Freedom of movement by using a D.F. CUT™

* Increased lateral stability by having optional side support inserts

* V-shaped, Anchor and Auxiliary bests that provide superior stability

* Use of both deodorizing and Anti-bacterial functions

Making use of Volleyball Ankle Braces not only protects you from ankle injuries, they also provide you with greater confidence when going through long hard practices or in professional training. If you want to take your volleyball game to the next level, using these ankle supports will aid you in learning how to make those twisting landings with more confidence. Your running, jumping and landing skills will improve, which will allow you to concentrate more on your ball handling skills.