Show Me Your Sock Color If You Want A Ticket To This Game

Do you wear red or white socks when you go to a ballgame (even worse, which color do you wear when watching baseball on TV)? If I was a ticket scalper and you are wearing white socks and asking me for Red Sox Tickets; maybe (just maybe) I will not want to take your money? Unless of course it is one of those BIG days when the Chicago White Sox are playing the Boston Red Sox and I can sell you Red Sox Tickets without having to check your ankles first.

What Makes Someone Desperate For Tickets?

The fans are usually the desperate ones and, quite often, it is their own fault. If they live anywhere within easy travelling distance of Fenway Park surely to goodness they could get hold of a season ticket? But, then, who says that you have to live in Boston to want Red Sox Tickets? How many on the team were born, bred and always lived in Boston?

Some people may claim to have no interest whatsoever in baseball; but, that is a bit like saying that you have zero interest in the world around you – if you live anywhere in the USA (apart from a cave in the desert someplace); it has to be impossible to ignore the existence of baseball and there is bound to come a time when someone asks you which team you support – be prepared for a bit of a hard time if your answer is “The Sox of course”. Assuming that you have kept abreast of current affairs sufficiently to answer “I am not a big fan but the White Sox are the team that I follow”; then no one will try to sell Boston Red Sox tickets to you. However, if you hint at supporting red then, no matter where you live; at sometime the Red Sox will be playing at a stadium somewhere near you.

What If Someone Says To You; I Fancy Going To The Red Sox Game; Can You Get tickets?

If that someone is a potential client that you have been trying to close a significant deal with for months; can you say – “Sorry, I don’t follow baseball; get your own Red Sox Tickets”. No; of course not; you frantically search around for a supply and, if you are lucky, you may even get good seat tickets on line. Then, if the result was good, you will probably close your deal.