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Things You Need To Remember When Playing Mah jongg

Everyone loves a good game. Its keeps our brains active, not to mention that the sheer frustration can be enough to keep you captivated for hours. Mah jongg can be enjoyed by everyone, from adults to children and the elderly, which makes it a great game for family occasions. In order to play mah jongg, you need to make sure you have quick calculation skills, good memory power and smart guesswork. Even the most talented mah jongg players can lose, so it’s not always down to your experience when it comes to winning the game.

Why You Can’t Win Mah jongg Every Time
In games such as chess, it is possible to win the game every time if you have the proper strategy and opponent. With games such as mah jongg, this is not the case. In the game of mah jongg, you draw blind tiles. You never know what tile you’re going to pick up, and this can easily disrupt your strategy. You can counteract this disadvantage however by remembering the tiles that the other player has. Over the game, tiles will be discarded by both you and your opponent. By calculating this, you can work out what tiles you have, what your opponent has, and therefore what tiles are left on the table. This can go a long way when it comes to determining your win, as well as securing your strategy for the coming rounds.

How Many Players Can Play
Mah jongg should be played with around four players, but you can use anywhere from three to five players if you want. The game itself can be very engrossing, so it’s always better to play it at night or on weekends when you have enough time. Rushing a game of mah jongg isn’t suited to the style of game play; you’ll end up wasting valuable opportunities as well as not enjoying the game to its full potential. When purchasing your mah jongg tiles, you should always make sure that you purchase from a trusted distributor. This will guarantee you high quality tiles for a minimal price, as well as ensuring you get the most from your money when making your purchase. You should also make sure that you purchase a high quality aluminum mah jongg case if you’re planning on transporting your tiles, as this will protect your tiles from scratches and dents.

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