How You Can Boost Your Team’s Morale

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Sports

Motivation is a key component of every career and skill, but is particularly visible in professional sports. Motivation is what pushes players to keep themselves in shape, improve as much as possible and strive to win. A team that lacks motivation is a team that’s destined for failure or at the very least not achieving top results. However, keeping motivated can be a tough job. This is where you, as the leader or coach come in. Part of the responsibilities of a coach involve keeping your team’s spirits and motivation high regardless of the odds facing them. Leaders need to provide ways of raising team morale and knowing what motivates your team will allow you to focus on those that are more effective than others. Here are some top suggestions for maintaining team morale, from Coach Slowik’s professional course on leadership and team motivation gleaned from coaching top athletes in the peak of their careers.

Set a Good Example

Your team will have a harder time staying positive if you aren’t positive yourself! If you only tell them to give it their all and keep their heads up, but don’t do the same yourself, how can you expect your message to resonate? Practice what you preach. Commit to your team’s success and show them you’re as dedicated to the team’s mission as they are. This will help them to better strive to be the best team member they can be.

Communicate with Your Team

Nothing is more important than keeping in touch with your team members and their needs. Their well-being is just as vital to winning and succeeding as their skills on the field. Keep in touch with your team not just in terms of skills and strategies, but also in terms of their overall health and satisfaction. Lend a friendly ear, but also be willing and able to give them your honest opinion as needed. This will build a stronger bond and sense of trust between you and your team which will, in turn, allow you to offer your team a much higher quality of leadership.

To learn more about Coach Slow’s course on how to motivate your team members, visit the official Coach Slow website.