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Companies Look to Benefit From Having Corporate Wellness Programs in Providence, RI

The average person works 47 hours a week including time spent commuting, with these statistics in mind companies are looking to balance work and life for their employees. Companies offer wellness programs to their employees as this is becoming a popular way to maintain this balance. Unhealthy employees put a strain on companies in many ways, and this costs corporations millions of dollars a year. A good Corporate Wellness Programs Providence RI can benefit companies and save both employers and employees money. Giving employees the option of joining a wellness program can save corporations money on health benefits they provide and increase employee productivity. Healthy employees take less sick days, are prone to be more active in the workplace and have fewer health issues.

Workplace accidents like muscle strains, back problems, and stress fractures are less common with those who participate in wellness programs as compared to people who do not have the option of a Corporate Wellness Programs Providence RI. Many people do not get much activity at work, as people with desk jobs spend most of their day sitting. Desk jobs raise a person’s risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes because a person is not getting limited cardio activity.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, all individuals healthy enough should participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Physical activity greatly reduces the risk of serious disease and chronic illnesses. Exercise boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure, and helps individuals to lose weight and avoid heart disease. Companies with employees who are healthier and have less chronic health problems can offer better rates on health insurance and getting wellness plan discounts. These companies has a reduction in workman’s compensation claims. Companies looking for a Corporate Wellness Programs Providence RI. to help employees become and stay healthier can contact 212 Health & Performance. They offer many options to work with a company on keeping employees healthy. They can even bring the workout to you and develop an exercise regime to get everyone up out their seats.

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