West Coast Fishing Charters: What’s the Best Catch of the Day?

Everyone knows that if you want to catch some lobsters or great Atlantic fish, you get on a charter on the East Coast and go. What few realize is that the West Coast has some amazing fresh fish and even better fishing charter opportunities. In fact, California Delta Fishing Guides is one such charter group that can help you make some amazing catches of the day. Examples of some of the best fresh fish you can catch riding with California Delta Fishing Guides are as follows.

Fall Fresh Fish

With autumn upon us, the fish you are most likely to catch are fall run salmon, striper bass, and white sturgeon, all of which are massive and particularly tasty. If you are able to catch the salmon before they head upstream for mating, they will have more of an ocean fish flavor. Once upstream, they have more of a freshwater fish flavor.

Spring and Summer Fresh Fish

You won’t catch much in winter because of the colder temps, but if you book a fishing charter late next spring or summer, a lot of varieties of fish may be biting. Customers on Californian charter boats during these peak fishing seasons have caught ocean salmon, halibut, and a few others. Prize fish require a lot of patience, but you might catch a whopper.

If you are ready to book your charter for this fall, next spring or next summer, contact Delta Fishing Charters via www.deltafishingcharters.com today and see what dates are still available.