Check not just time but performance

There was a time when the term sports watches clearly implied where and how these objects are used. It can’t be more than a decade ago that digital and analogue sports watches were the choices of athletes predominantly or people with sporty-athletic lifestyles. Today however sports watches have evolved as a sophisticated fashion accessory for many. Sports watches no longer just solve the purpose of showing the time in extreme conditions; it must sport multiple features to cater to the niche. And if that is not diverging much from the ‘basic instinct’ of the commodity, it must have style and most importantly, a brand!

Some of the most common features being offered in state of the art sports watches,these days are –

  • Twin sensors (Altimeter/Barometer and Thermometer)
  • 50 Meter – 100 Meter water resistant body
  • Eco friendly batteries with life as long as 10 years
  • Pace signal and distance calculation features
  • 100th second stopwatch
  • Time zones, maps, etc.

And as if that is not lucrative enough for a prospective buyer, sports watches are offered in carbon casings and black resin or stainless steel bands. The whole product is presented to the target niche market as an accessory to be worn not just for an athletic lifestyle, but to make a sporty statement anywhere anytime too. Brands like Fastrack, Omega, Titan, Timex, and Casio are the forerunners in serving this blooming market. Not just that, brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Pierre Cardin, along with many other designer brands are offering sports watches in their seasonal assortments.

Sports watches are also evolving into gender specific accessories, diverging greatly from their unisex character that once existed. While big brands are making sure to produce elite versions of sports watches for the cream of the society, sites like are making sure that the same are available to masses at everyday low prices! So be it a fashion statement or a necessity of a lifestyle, sports watches are here to stay.

sports watches

sports watches