Technical advances or a big leap backward

With the advent and furtherance of technology and the worldwide concern for deforestation, there has been a steady rise in the market for eBooks. EBooks are nothing but books that are available in digital format. They are available in the market and are also very popular amongst the younger generation. These eBooks are available on a variety of subjects, ranging from fiction to nonfiction and cookbooks to sports.

Sports eBooks are gaining in popularity since they do not have to be carried and cared for like the conventional paper books. A coach can easily connect sports eBooks and instruct his pupils while he can monitor them with their progress.

Sports eBooks come in different categories from the basic versions that are presently available to maybe future ones which may have moving images. This will help the sports enthusiast to imitate exactly the movements for maximum power, grace or flexibility that can help him or her to attain the coveted medal.

However, with the advent of sports eBooks, the naysayers and the skeptics can also have a go at the theory that it will encourage lethargy and over dependence on the technologies that will be available from time to time. This could further alienate the human touch factor that is known to have encouraging as well as curative possibilities.

The same naysayers can also argue that the sports eBooks and e-coaching techniques will one day turn the human athlete into a sub human robot with absence of all emotions which encourage camaraderie and chivalry on the sports field and will just enter the sports arena to survive himself and kill, and not just defeat his opponent. In a way, these sports eBooks will take us back to the days of the ancient Roman Empire where slaves were turned to gladiators and put before the lions for entertainment.

sports ebooks

sports ebooks