Wager anything and live big Or perish

Sports betting is a very common mode of entertainment and income for many, the world over. Given the amount of controversy and scandals that have surrounded this activity in the past years, it is obvious how it’s an integral part of any popular sport played today. Be it cricket or wrestling, Olympics or Commonwealth Games, international sport events or IPL; gambling fans find a way to set up a convenient and cherished betting system.

Sports betting is technically nothing but speculation about the outcome of any given sporting event and includes monetary wagering over the outcome. Thus the concept, at its basic is very simple. However, over time, many variations of sports betting have emerged.

Different types of bets include –

  • Proposition bets – wager is placed on a very specific outcome of the game.
  • Teasers – bets are combined for two or more games, allowing the spread of points.
  • Parlays – multiple bets (upto 12) can be placed, if all bets win, only then a payout is realized. Winnings are maximized in it.
  • Progressive parlays – multiple progressive bets are placed, even if all bets do not win, a reduced payout is still realized in it.
  • If bets – two bets are placed interdependent on each other, connected with an ‘if’.

Despite the immense pleasure taken by people in it, sports betting is an illegal activity in
India. Last year, Delhi high court even suggested legalizing the
sports betting business in India, thereby generating multi-million INRs of revenue for the government. As is, the interested parties can easily avoid the law by participating in online betting activities (for there is no law in place to check it). Many sites on the internet and even some applications on popular social networking sites allow users to place bets of varying quantum on popular sports events.

So if you are ever enjoying a game on T.V., you can always ‘bet’ that players are not the only ones making big bucks out of it!

sports betting

sports betting