Recreation and Sports

Founded in good faith but has neither remained good nor is there faith

In this age of high levels of competition and a continuous rush of meeting deadlines and getting somewhere, it seems like everybody is running faster and faster on a treadmill, which means they are not getting anywhere in spite of running with all their might.

In this scenario, Recreation and Sports can become one of the few things that can help an individual to unwind and recharge his or her batteries for the full working week ahead. Recreation and Sports can encompass a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed either indoors or in the great outdoors. One can involve in activities as simple as playing cards or a word game with close friends and family to going to the club to have a round of squash or tennis that can regenerate the energy inspite of making you physically tired.

Basically, recreation and sports were invented by man so that the soldiers can unwind and relax after a long campaign of war and besieging the enemy on the command of the king to whom they swore allegiance. Although the exact origins of the term and of course the activity of recreation and sports is unknown, it can be described as one of few inventions of man that has been constructive and helpful to the whole of mankind, universally.

Of course, in recent times, even the acts that envisaged recreation and sports have translated into widespread violence, e.g. a cricket match involving two countries that have a large and passionate following in the game or maybe the football matches played in the English football or soccer scene. That forces one to think whether they are really a part of recreation and sports or is it a war that is being fought on the field between a graphical representation of the respective armies of the countries involved.