Learn Traditional Korean Taekwondo for Self-Defense at a School Near You

When it comes to learning skills for self-defense, Fairfax, VA, residents are luckier than most. A majority of martial arts programs are very limited. Personnel at health clubs and community centers are normally able to teach only a few disciplines. This is because the teams at such places are small in order to meet budget restraints, which naturally limit what they can offer.

Learn an Ancient Martial Art to Cope With Modern Life

Fortunately, local residents can attend authentic Taekwondo classes that are based on the same curriculum used in Korea. The instruction is much more sophisticated than what you’d find in a typical after-school program. Taekwondo goes back over 2,000 years and is therefore considered one of the oldest martial arts that continues to be practiced in a form that resembles what the original creators had in mind.

However, this isn’t all that people in the area have to look forward to. Haidong Gumdo programs related to the classes for self-defense in Fairfax are complementary to traditional Taekwondo classes. These classes offer something quite different, however.

Tactics From the Battlefield

Haidong Gumdo refers to a sword art from Korea that draws its tactics from actual battlefield experience. This has allowed instructors to create classes that focus not only on mental and physical development but also on the spiritual aspects of the art. Students in a Haidong Gumdo class learn forms, step drills, and standing meditation techniques. While it’s fast-paced to the point that it makes an excellent workout, Haidong Gumdo is not a high-impact sport, so anyone can participate. Best of all, it’s a complete noncontact martial art that can help area residents improve in many other facets of life.

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