From a touch of nature to sheer convenience

With so much development happening in the world in the fields of sports and recreation, one would like to think that there are activities that man had invented or discovered as an idyllic pastime. And many tend to think that they have not been touched by the mad rush of commercialization and scientific inventions and innovations. And that activity is fishing.

However, on closer inspection, one can notice a visible change in the types of equipment and paraphernalia that was used in the times of yore and the goods and products that are used in the present day of this ‘idyllic’ pastime of a sport.

These days we have technical innovations which have rendered the activity of fishing into a highly commercially driven sport. There are multitudes of fishing equipment manufacturers that use different materials in making even the most basic form of equipment in the world such as the fishing rod. However, these fishing rods which have evolved have also specific types of USP over the previously cumbersome rods.

Another area of fishing that science and marketing have taken over is reusable bait. Earlier, the baits used on the fishing rods were natural worms that would have to be attached manually to the rods. As an innovation, new rods are not just detachable but there are some types which come with a readymade wriggly at the end of the rod. This makes redundant the process of carrying a separate can of worms and dirtying your hands for your catch.

However, if one is a stickler of the old ways, then these manufacturers have a common sense innovation of leather gloves that one can wear and dip their hand into the yucky can for their prized catch. Other things that support this game have also undergone changes to accommodate the demands of today’s anglers.