Four wheeled boon turning to bane and coming back

Ever since the first Model T was rolled out by Henry Ford in the US, cars have become an integral part of human civilization. They have not just made the transportation of people and goods easier but have also made it speedier and more convenient. Cars have become the catalyst for an overall development of other forms of transportation that have graced the landscape ever since.

Cars come in all forms and shapes. They can be classified into classes such as coupes, sedans and convertibles. If cars were to include the whole gamut of automobiles, then it would be a totally different ball game. That would include the station wagons and the off road vehicles as well. The very loved means of the people across the world has evolved into many forms that have different fortes. It has changed from time to time with the concepts ranging from lavishness to utility in the recent times.

Although cars have made life faster and more convenient to people across the world, it has also helped in depleting the natural resources that is so unique to this planet in the whole wide universe. Cars have literally overrun the roads that were meant for them so much that there are more cars on every square meter of road than is the maximum carrying capacity of the roads.

On the flip side, cars and the resulting pollution from them have encouraged humans to look at other forms of energy that could help us to care for and nurture the depleted resources of this planet. In recent times, cars were manufactured that could run on alternative fuels like CNG, LPG, electricity and even water. The last is still in the nascent stages of development.

If the development of a car that runs on water comes to full fruition, we can breathe easy for the next millennia since it will not only free mankind from the bondage of its slavery to petrol and petroleum products but also leave the environment to heal itself.

sports car

sports car