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Many people have dreams of having amazing adventures like what they might have seen in the movies or read in novels or in school. There are others who decide to vacation at some unadventurous location year after year. If one is looking for a change from the ordinary and wants to get a feel of some real adventure into his/her life, one might want to consider adventure tours for their next vacation. Adventure tours can be made up of different components, but the ultimate result is that one gets to explore the best or the worst that the world can offer in a way that is hands-on. It helps, though to realize that adventure tours are not meant for everyone.

Many adventure tours could involve hiking at some point, generally in combination with camping. Some hikes may be relatively short, serving as a humble method of transportation between other larger components of the tour. There are hikes that can be quite long, becoming a major part of the tour’s attraction. Most of the longer hikes have basic recommendations for fitness levels or they require that you have a minimum amount of hiking experience prior to taking them because the distances would be difficult for an unfit individual to cover safely and in time with the rest of the group.

White water rafting is a common component of adventure tours. Tours exist that take you on all grades of rivers, though the higher grades usually require a certain amount of rafting experience, which helps prevent you from being a danger to yourself and a detriment to others. There are tours that may even take you across different grades of rafting on different days, letting you build up your experience over the course of the tour, allowing the tourist to be ready for larger rapids later. Many rafting tours may involve camping and also include hikes between river sections.

adventure tours
adventure tours