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3 Types of Volleyball Camps

Volleyball is just one among the many sports that people love playing either with their friends in school or with family. There are even those who spare some of their time attending volleyball camp trainings. These are the people who wanted to be a pro player or are already varsity players who want to improve their playing performance. Volleyball camps are developed for people who want to improve their playing skills and learn some hitting and blocking techniques. If you are interested much in this sport, then you are possibly thinking of going to a good volleyball camp in Tampa.

There are different kinds of volleyball camps and each camp teaches specific playing skills. A hitter camp usually focuses on teaching volleyball attacking skills. Such skills include hitting timing, arm swing work, footwork, back court attacking, different body routines and body control repetitions. In looking for the right camp, it is important to prefer one that has trainers who are effective in teaching proper hand contact, arm swing and footwork techniques. A hitter’s camp, for example, should teach you the basics and advanced elements on how to execute a strong attack. Your trainers should be able to give you good hitting advice while considering the hitting position, whether you are an outside hitter or a middle hitter.

After your training, you will notice some improvements on your timing for high balls or in executing quick sets. You will also be able to effectively score against a double block.

If you are an experienced hitter then passing and hitting boot camp is the right place for you. This camp is designed to maximize your volleyball potential. It typically focuses on teaching the basics of hitting and in improving a player’s hitting skills with a multitude of body repetitions. This camp provides the hitters the chance to learn different hitting and spiking techniques. You will learn how to properly execute all the hitting techniques such as ball passing, blocking, shot selection, fast attack and hitting specialty sets. Usually, coaches make use of video presentations to clearly show how each technique in passing and spiking is done.

In addition, if you are a club or school varsity player and if you want to focus more on the offensive aspect of volleyball then you should be enrolling in a setter/hitter’s volleyball camp Tampa area. Coaches would usually group the hitters and setters in order to identify and evaluate specific skills and then after they are joined together to play a practice game. On this type of camp, you should be expecting to receive good coaching, a multitude of repetitions and higher chances of competing.

Blocker/hitter camps on the other hand are for front row volleyball players. This camp focuses on analyzing the spike techniques with the combination of various elements to execute proper arm swing and play sets. This camp helps players to improve their timing in executing spike approach, in strengthening arm swing, and in coordinating with setters to improve shot selections to score. After training on this camp, your blocking technique and your ability to read spikes and hitters will be improved. You will become a better defensive player.